29 noviembre, 2008

All over again.

Sometimes being pretty isn't enough.
People seems to think (says) that appearance is really important to, i don't know, get jobs, get some opportunities, get boys.
But sometimes being pretty (because, apparently i am pretty -beauty is such a subjective thing for me-) isn't enough.
Sometimes being pretty, and smart, and nice, isn't enough.
Or being pretty, smart, responsible, nice, talented, comprensive, supportive, naughty, fun, not jelaous, outgoing, chilled, caressing, tender, passionate, impulsive, open, healthy, coming from a good family, sensitive, true, and all the "good things" we can say, just is NOT enought.
'Cause I don't know which will the next step be in this.
This is all pure chemistry, pure, new, adolescent chemistry. All sparks.
Submerged in a thick hormonal breeze, oftenly (so much more than OFTEN) interrupted by strong and fast, so furious emotions.
We try, we try hard...
and while you try so hard to get into my body, with all this conviction,
i'm really trying to get into your mind.
A vicious circle without beginning or expiration date. so fucked up in ourselves, but at the same time, so gone (us both) of this powerful core.
I'm just a pretty thing to you, although next day i can be everything, and vice versa.
And all of this, is driving me so so freaking mad.

09 noviembre, 2008


Antes de que etapas como estas terminen, sé más que nunca lo absurda que fuí. Yo no me quejo por salir del colegio ahora, es la costumbre a las personas lo que me da nostalgia. No quiero dejar esto que me hace reir y llorar, no quiero perder la costumbre, me da igual que no sea el día a día. Hay tanto en nosotros, en ustedes, que es triste avanzar solita. Yo soy (casi) solo una niña y ahora nos toca jugar a algo más... y por eso da pena. Las despedidas no son alegres. No moriré por esto, pero es tan paradójicamente melancólico que se vaya a acabar...